Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fairy Houses and Making Buttons

I told my friend I would never make another fairy house....but guess what I was doing during our local Summerfest celebration.  OK, I helped making fairy houses and didn't actually make my own. But it sure felt like I was making Fairy Houses. (I'm beginning to think someone has some 'splaining to do)  Some wonderful hardworking and able bodied volunteers gathered the makings for the houses and one very kind gentleman secured house forms onto wood bases so people could just start with the base and commence to decorating their houses. Anyone who wanted to invest a little time could make their own.  Judging by the smiling faces as people carried their treasures home, it was a wonderful success once again.
Fairy House components

Fairy House Builders

 Fairy House with 2 levels

Fairy House with a swing

I spent the day with my creative friend H.  She is a wonderful potter who has been teaching me some techniques and skills I need to start making the jewelry ideas I have in my brain into actual pottery pieces.  She has wanted to make buttons for a while, so today we made buttons.  Lots and lots of them.  It is so great to have someone to share ideas with and push each other with "what ifs".  I have an open invitation to come whenever I want as she is throwing most days.  I like to pick her brain while she works.  Her husband just built her a studio  (still under construction but we used it anyway)  and we looked out over her gardens and watched the chickens wandering through as we talked and played with clay. I enjoy my creative life!
Lovely gardens and fun stuff to play with

tools and ideas


buttons and pins

crazy chickens

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