Monday, October 5, 2009


As fall begins to change the natural world around me, I realize I , too, have begun a transition. Usually at this time of year I am gearing up for seven or eight craft shows over the next couple of months, making my life very busy and chaotic. This year I have one. My life has become more manageable and peaceful. I have taken time to stroll through fallen leaves and smell the crisp fall air. I am doing more volunteer work and trying to eke out as much time with my youngest child as he readies for graduation in the spring and college next fall. Even while I create, my focus isn't on what will sell, but on what I really want to make today. I have made a list of new skills I have determined to learn and I am working on some new projects that I intend to submit for publication. All new and exciting, but without all the stress and chaos of my usual fall itinerary. I am settling into a new season of my life. I think I really like this season.