Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Craft Show at Maple Meadow Farms

Folk Art Tree Booth


My lovely assistant

Apple Cozies

Indian Drumming

Children's Activity Area

Inside Folk Art Tree Booth

Buntings, Vintage Hankies and Pom Pom Garland

Lots of Rides

Tractors For Sale

More Booth

It was an eventful weekend at Maple Meadow Farms. We had a microburst thunderstorm that took out a lot of my inventory (picture about $500 worth laying in a mud puddle!) but I sent some wonderful customers home with some free stuff (albeit covered with stinky mud!).  They were hoping to salvage the damaged dolls.  Can't get any more primitive than mudstained, eh?  Saturday was pretty hot and my niece and I didn't plan our seating arrangement very well so we scored some great sunburns....luckily, the flies were few, the people plenteous as they were happily  enjoying the (finally!) summer weather.  The Gregg family works so hard to make the Farm ready for this weekend long event and it is always a wonderful family experience. 

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