Friday, December 31, 2010

It is a New Year

As 2010 sweeps gently over into 2011, I have purposed within myself to make some changes. I have been watching my children slowly leave the nest, and every trip they make home becomes shorter and more bittersweet. They are truly becoming men, with their own lives and responsibilities. As much as I sometimes long for a few moments to have them as young children again, I am filled with joy as I watch them grab hold of who they are and what they stand for. A mother's heart can't get any bigger than mine. With less child rearing, I have found more time to reconnect with myself as an individual. "Mom" and "Wife" have been my job titles for 25 years. I will always be a mom and wife, and I will never regret the commitment I made to nurture my family. I have left a part of me within each of them but I wish to re-discover parts of me long buried. It is quieter now, a more suitable time for introspection and rebirth, and I am longing to discover a depth of creativity within myself that defines me as an artist. Therefore, I must diligently listen and respond to that quiet voice. My creative voice. The voice that communicates who I am through works made with my hands. I am mom and wife, but I am also an artist. It is this part of me that I wish to nurture in this season of my life. I must plant new seeds of possibilities and reconnect my hands, my heart and my vision. 2011, I joyfully greet you.