Monday, September 22, 2008

Maine Team Profile: The Clever Kitty

The Clever Kitty is Shannon Hanley, a designer with a passion for creating, and a fun sense of style. She grew up in Iowa, and spent much of her time as a child doing art or craft projects. When she graduated from high school she knew she wanted to continue her creative ways, and decided to go to the Kansas City Art Institute, where she earned a BFA in Fiber Arts. She lived in Kansas City for several years working as a designer and garment

cutter, until she and her husband embarked on the adventure of moving to the east coast. They now reside on the beautiful coast of Maine with their adorable daughter, who keeps them joyful and inspired...and quite busy! In addition to being a full time mom, she is currently working part time as a floral designer, and in her spare time she is constantly making things. She strives to make unique designs, and always takes the time & care necessary to make a quality hand-crafted product. To see more of her work visit her website :

Monday, September 15, 2008

Uncommon Jewelry: Etsy Maine Team

The first installment featuring my etsy team members .....
A somewhat wayward artist, Sidney is trained in color theory, painting and art history but has always fostered a not so minor fascination with personal adornment. Her work is born from a love of unusual combinations and proportions, and each time she finishes something the outcome is utterly balanced and wearable. Each piece is named for a goddess, or a wonderful woman who has brought some small meaning to her life. She believes every woman is beautiful and deserves a little something to remind her of just how perfect she is. Her work is also sold at Abacus Gallery in Portland, Maine so if you're ever in the neighborhood stop on by.Visit her on Etsy at or to see more photos and past work.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Was Granted This Award

Jody of Primgals Primitive Palette gave me this award yesterday and I get to give it to seven more people! Woo Hoo! Thanks so much Jody! Check out her Etsy shop and blog She is a fabulous prim painter!

Here are my 7 Picks: