Monday, February 7, 2011

A Jewelry Round Robin

Inspired by an article in my last issue of Belle Armoire Jewlery I decided to ask a couple friends I have met online to join me in an exciting Round Robin. The premise is, you begin a piece of jewelry and begin a journal as you create. You send the unfinished piece and journal onto one of your friends and they add to your jewelry and journal in your journal, while you receive one of your friend's pieces and add to it and journal in their journal. It continues around until all the friends have added their part to everyone's jewelry and you get a finished piece at the end of the project!

So my friend C sent her piece to me for the first round.
She lives on the shores of Lake Michigan and is an outdoor kind of gal. (She sells those gorgeous blue beads in her Etsy shop.) So I have been pondering what I can make that is unique to me that would be a compliment to the style she has begun. I began a little experiment this afternoon and I think it is going to work. I can't show you pics, since we want the bracelet reveal to be a nice surprise, but it is earthy and beachy!
My bracelet was mailed to my friend S. Here is the foundation for my bracelet. You know it HAD to be old stuff, didn't you?
Lovely old buttons and trinkets. I like to imagine who the original owner of these little baubles were. They are such silly things, but so pleasant to gaze upon. I will update our progress as we move along in our journey!


Peg said...

Sounds like an awesome idea Pam. I can't wait to see the finished bracelets!

Carla said...

oh what fun!

Pixybug Designs said...

Pam, your journal is so amazing! I wrote about the project on my blog today!