Sunday, July 27, 2008

Black Swan Box Santa

My box Santas were a combination of chancing on a good buy and a bit of hard work. I found these boxes and loved them, but they were covered with some awful paper. After many hours of peeling and scraping, I had bare wood which I then coated with some prim colored paint and sealant. I held onto these boxes for two years before I finally connected santa and the boxes in my mind. I plunked an armature with a santa head on it into the box and my imagination began to run wild. I only have 6 of these boxes, and every one is different, but this one is particularly appealing to me because it has elements I love. Driftwood, boats, water birds and santa! They remind me of a couple summers I spent on a lake with my family. If summer lasted all the time, I would be so content! I picture him displayed in a lakeside home. I hope he gets that home!

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SuzeesJubileeZ said...

Im LOving all these santas and as it happens I am making littl santa face ornaments as I bop around on line here! I'm putting the faces in an egg carton which I plan to deck in festive colors of the season! Thanks for playing my game that was a great comment!