Sunday, June 27, 2010

Maple Meadow Farm Festival

I bundled up the leftovers of my booth and left the Maple Meadow Farm Festival in Mapleton, Maine with a smile today. The Gregg family graciously opens their farm to the public and introduces them to past farming practices, including the tools, machinery (or horsepower) and a way of life that is slipping into the annals of time. The squeals of children playing rang through the air and the bustle of farm life demonstrations occupied the entire property.

I watched hundreds of families wander the grounds shopping for antiques or Maine made handmade goods, riding horse drawn carriages or just talking "farming" with the demonstrators. The family aspect of this event is heartwarming. I appreciate the Gregg family's vision and the commitment to do the work necessary to hold this event. The past is honored, family is celebrated and communities are knit together. It was a wonderful weekend. Thank you Gregg family!



Hi, it seems a little weird to be posting a comment on your June post to say I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a very happy New Year

Best wishes

The Folk Art Tree said...

I had an exceptionally busy year this year and badly neglected the poor blog. New year, new leaf...I am going to make sure to update at least once a week! Hope your Christmas was merry and I hope 2011 is most prosperous and fulfilling for you!