Monday, October 5, 2009


As fall begins to change the natural world around me, I realize I , too, have begun a transition. Usually at this time of year I am gearing up for seven or eight craft shows over the next couple of months, making my life very busy and chaotic. This year I have one. My life has become more manageable and peaceful. I have taken time to stroll through fallen leaves and smell the crisp fall air. I am doing more volunteer work and trying to eke out as much time with my youngest child as he readies for graduation in the spring and college next fall. Even while I create, my focus isn't on what will sell, but on what I really want to make today. I have made a list of new skills I have determined to learn and I am working on some new projects that I intend to submit for publication. All new and exciting, but without all the stress and chaos of my usual fall itinerary. I am settling into a new season of my life. I think I really like this season.



Oh wow! Your trees are such wonderful colours. We are slightyly behind you, I think, we still have a little more green but tinged with orange

I love your pumpkins!


DreaBunny said...

Oooohhhhhhhh I am so jealous! I want those colorful leaves and crisp air! =( I miss Maine!

Yay for you though, Pam! I wish I felt that peace! I need to take a breather...just not too deep, as my air is way too humid. =)

The Folk Art Tree said...

Carolyn-Thanks so much for stopping by. I am starting to work at being productive again and tending to some things I have neglected like my blog and blog friends! You have such a wonderful eye, I love to scroll through your blog and your collections of pictures. Sometimes we need to refresh ourselves with vistas pleasant to our eyes and soul.

The Folk Art Tree said...

Drea- Maine is not complete without our Bunny! Enjoy your short visit back "home" and maybe you should save a bottle of Maine air to take back with you! You will be grateful for Florida when January rolls around!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Lovely post! It is nice to enjoy the "seasons" of life.


The Folk Art Tree said...

Thanks Cathy-Finally turning over a new leaf, so to speak, and enjoying the feel of it! I checked out your have a wonderful sense of humor. It was very refreshing!

in the light of the moon said...

It's funny,here in Florida I have been waiting for the change.I'm craving it.My body has been waiting for that fresh air to fill the house,for the warm sweaters to bundle up in.I am thankful for your post..keeps me looking forward for what will soon come my way.With a fresh breeze,comes new ideas,a new beginning.Nice to know you.Warmest Regards,Cat